martes, 11 de abril de 2017

Second day at the conference and closing

Second and last day of the conference passed! Today has started with the paper presented by Dr. Luis Florencio Díaz, from the UPV/EHU, who has been dealing with Stephen King's "The Body" novel. Following Dr. Luis Florencio, the new scholar from the faculty Amaya Fernandez Menicucci has brought the paper under the title of "The Subversion of Elves and Barbarians in the Works of Terry Pratchett”. In a third round, and finishing with the morning papers, the former scholar of the faculty Dr. Miguel Santamaría has presented his paper on the translation of J. R. R. Tolkien's works.

Dr. Luis Florencio Díaz and Dr. Raúl Montero

Dr. Amaya Fernandez Menicucci
Dr. Jose Miguel Santamaría and Dr. Martin Simonson

For the beginning of the afternoon, the congress continued with a round table with all the participants (exept Dr. Ayerbe and Dr. Zemjlic), also having as a guest of the conference Raúl Pérez, from the Sociedad Tolkien Española. In this session, our guests debated about the topics presented between the two days of congress and put ideas in common. 

Finally after a short break for coffee, Dr. Miguel Ayerbe, also from the UPV/EHU, has presented his paper about the importance of the influence of the Nordic sagas on "El cantar de los Nibelungos". 

From left to right: Dr. Eduardo Segura, Dr. Martin Simonson,
Dr.  Jose Miguel Santamaría and Raúl Pérez
Dr. Miguel Ayerbe and Dr. Martin Simonson
From left to right: M. A. Ekaitz Ikazuriaga, Dr. Raul Montero, Dr. Miguel Ayerbe
Dr. Eduardo Segura, Dr. Martin Simonson, Raúl Pérez and Dr. Jose Miguel Santamaría

To conclude with the congress, Dr. Raúl Montero and Dr. Martin Simonson have thanked all the participants of the congress. 

So, we're done!

On behalf of the organization, thanks to everybody. It has been so nice to have you around. Thanks to our keynote speakers, to the people talking in the round tables, to every lecturer, chairs, friends, to the people attending the conference and to the collaborators. Good job!

We hope to organize this congress next year again and have our guests again in Vitoria-Gasteiz!

In case you would be interested in watching the videos of the conferences, here we will offer you the chance of watching them as soon as the UPV/EHU will upload them.

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